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· 3 min read

Arriving at the Mauritania-Morocco border at 0815, there were about 40 lorries queued with an equal number of cars and vans. Lots of liter buried in the sand.

Traffic queue at Western Sahara-Mauritania border.

I crept to the front of the queue by the main gates.

Front of traffic queue at Western Sahara-Mauritania land border.

A van was manouvering behind me and sw...

· 2 min read

Woke up to find clouds moving across the mountains.

Low clouds above the Anti-Atlas mountains near Tafraoute, Morocco.
A closeup of the clouds above the Anti-Atlas mountains near Tafraoute, Morocco.

As I left Tafraoute, I noticed something that I can only describe as I garden because I don't know what it was!

Unsure what this garden was for near Tafraoute, Morocco.
Unsure what this garden was for near Tafraoute, Morocco.

Rode yet another(!) fantastic route th...

· 1 min read

Only slept a few hours last night as the wind against the tent was noisy. Woke up to discover fine sand had penetrated the fly net of my tent.

Sand blew into my tent and covered me and my gear in Morocco.

I rode through Foum Zguid into the Anti-Atlas. The lines of rock coming out of the ground were very striking.

A line of rock in the Anti-Atlas mountains, Morocco....

· 1 min read

I arrived in Zagora and promptly refueled and stocked up on food. I've developed a sweet tooth for the local patisseries, so I devoured a pastry!

Bumped into these two camels relaxing in the river bed.

Two camels feeding in a dry river bed in Zagora, Morocco.
A camel in a dry river bed in Zagora, Morocco.

Zagora is very touristy with cafes and shops l...

· 3 min read

This was my view this morning just north of Tinghir. I camped at the bottom of a bank next to a dried up river.

A dry river bed somewhere near Tinghir, Morocco.

And, this was my bike as I tried to leave.

I dropped my CRF250L motorcycle in a dry river bed somewhere near Tinghir, Morocco.

The terrain was very challenging and got the better of me. I had removed heavy items to help...

· 3 min read

It rained on and off this morning. I was super cautious because of my recent roundabout incident. The water made the dirt cling to my black boots and trousers.

Dirty and wet motorcycle boots and trousers whilst riding the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

I was so dirty that whilst entering a supermarket, the lady cleaning the floor at the entrance kindly suggested I...

· 2 min read

I said goodbye and left the hostel today. Pleased to be back on the road after so long!

Guy in service station started chatting to me and said I am welcome in Morocco! Super friendly :)

I headed south towards Lake Aguelmam Azegza, near Khenifra, where I had planned to camp. The landscape was...

· 4 min read

I've spent the passed 12 days in Rabat arranging and awaiting a parcel from the UK. Today was a long day but brought closure to what has felt like a saga. Apologies for the long post without pictures!

Over the passed 12 days, I have explored Rabat, met interesting and cool people, and completed ta...

· 1 min read

My carnet is ready, so Dad has very kindly couriered this with other items to me in Rabat. This document allows me to import my vehicle without paying hefty deposits at borders. For the next few days I'll continue to live cheaply whilst resting and waiting for the parcel in Rabat.

My motorcycle...

· 3 min read

The wind was ferocious this morning. I was on a hill and getting the full force of it. It was a struggle to keep the bike upright with feet down and the engine not running. When there was what seemed to be a lull, I plucked up the courage to start my decent down the hillside. Wasn't too bad once t...