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· 3 min read

The Gambia is known as the smiling coast because of people's friendliness and warm smiles. So, I was sad to leave The Gambia today.

Crossing the Border into Senegal was quick and easy. The police woman on the Senegal entry post requested money, which I refused, and she responded with "what do yo...

· 3 min read

We said goodbye to the sisters at the nunnery and headed to The Gambian border.

En route, we stopped for a break on a river. I've forgotten where it was. Nice views, but there was a tremendous quantity of rubbish that had been dumped in piles and had not washed up onto the river.

Beach in Senegal en route to ferry at Foundiougne....

· 2 min read

We departed the boating club today and said our goodbyes. Hopefully, our paths will cross again in some other part of the world!

Riding again felt intense after the accident. Mostly because there are many hazards on the road and you need to be very vigilant. Traffic is crazy out here. Vehicles pul...

· 3 min read

Following the accident last weekend, I'm resting from riding to repair my motorcycle but also allow minor injuries to heal. I found a camping spot at a boat club on the coast of Dakar where I met several other travellers and we've had a blast!

Being on the coast is awesome and picturesque; h...

· 4 min read

Following the accident last weekend, my pride and joy (motorcycle!) has sustained damage. Two mechanics drafted into the police station fixed the engine coolant reserve tank to get me on my way; however, there's more repair. I've found a place to camp in Dakar that has a motorcycle garage next doo...

· 2 min read

The first thing I remember from today is being sat at the desk of a chief policeman in Senegal who was asking what happened to me. However, I don't know how I got there or what happened! The chief was on the phone to his commander who was apparently very concerned for me.

It seems that I was hit b...

· 1 min read

I stayed two nights at the Zebra Bar near St Louis, Senegal. It's very close to the coast with a small strip of land protecting it from the sea. My objective was to rest, plan my route through Senegal, and revisit visa planning.

Following the motorcycle accident, I had been laid up in a countr...

· 2 min read

Last night's sleep on a concrete floor was a bit rough!

The first part of the ride to the Diama crossing into Senegal was on tarmac with potholes and massive erosion.

Poor road conditions in Mauritania.

Once at the Diawling National Park in Mauritania, the road and scenery changed considerably.