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· 3 min read

After a night of wild camping where we were supposed to be stealth, we woke up to multiple people tending their cattle who said hello. They were friendly and OK with our presence, but so much for being stealth!

The Gambia's vegetation is more luscious than previous countries on my route through...

· 2 min read

Liver and pasta with spicy sauce in a baguette for breakfast. Very spicy and so tasty!

Filled up with petrol in Banjul, and got chatting to the lady who served me, Haddy. She wanted to marry, and made two things clear. First, she wanted to go to the UK, so asked if she had a motorcycle... she did...

· 0 min read

A friend from the UK, Gary, used to work in the UK with a gentlemen from The Gambia called Salifu. Gary kindly put us in touch and we met up in Banjul. We were staying nearby, but couldn't figure out the maze that is the roads in Banjul, so Salifu very kindly arranged for a taxi to collect us!


· 3 min read

Our hosts at the hippie compound were incredibly hospitable. We were continuously plied with food and beverages.

Like several places I've stayed at they source water from the ground. Not drinkable, but OK for cooking (boiling) and washing. Mr B even offered for his sister to wash our clothes!


· 3 min read

We said goodbye to the sisters at the nunnery and headed to The Gambian border.

En route, we stopped for a break on a river. I've forgotten where it was. Nice views, but there was a tremendous quantity of rubbish that had been dumped in piles and had not washed up onto the river.

Beach in Senegal en route to ferry at Foundiougne....