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· 2 min read

Packed up this morning and ready to go when I noticed a 1.5cm diameter hole in the ground. Looks like something burrowed next to the tent.

An animal had burrowed a small hole into the sand in Western Sahara.

Passed the Tropic of Cancer today. Just two signs facing both directions of traffic and not much else!

The tropic of cancer in Western Sahara.

The We...

· 3 min read

Seeing multiple groups of camels each day now.

Four camels in Western Sahara.
Multiple camels in Western Sahara.

On the coast, there are fisherman in huts and others in shanty houses.

Fisherman houses in Western Sahara.
Fisherman houses in Western Sahara.

Dakhla is the last major city before I enter Mauritania in two days. My main task w...

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Packed up my kit and left the hotel today. The landscape is much the same as yesterday: sparse and bleak. At lunch, I sought shelter from the shade in a small compound at the side of the road. No one about. Felt like a scene in Mad Max with old vehicle parts lying around in disarray.

A tractor in Western Sahara....
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I entered Western Sahara today. The landscape is sparse and bleak with continuous desert. The N1 road follows the Atlantic coast, so I occasionally get a glimpse of the sea.

N1 bridge over beach in Western Sahara.
Waves crashing on a beach in Western Sahara.
N1 bridge in Western Sahara.

The desert consists of soil, sand, and rubble, but to...