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We left Lesotho at Sani Pass, which was a spectacular exit. However, arriving at the top of the pass, I was cold, hungry, and tired. I sought refuge in the pub to warm up! Jaakko was outside chatting and drinking with a group of South Africans riding dirt bikes up and down Sani Pass that day. Lo...

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We crossed the border into Lesotho, which was another pleasant and easy crossing.

Lesotho is very mountainous and at a much higher elevation than South Africa. It's much colder here!

Upon arriving, we didn't see anywhere to stay for many miles. Jaakko and I almost rode passed the first accommo...

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We stayed at a place just South of Coffee Bay to rest and wash clothes. Whilst clothes were drying, we wandered along the coast, to find the Hole in the Wall. Walking along the beach in the nature reserve felt deserted although very close to civilisation.

Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.Next to Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.Next to Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Leaving, we headed in the general dire...

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At a campground near East London, a guy walked over to say hello as we pitched our tents. He had a second home on site and rode motorcycles too. The usual motorcycle chat ensued.

He then returned with a lamp, power extension cable, two chairs, and two chocolate bars. He said he knew what it's like...

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We'd had a tip off from Devin at Woodstock Moto Co for good riding through mountain passes in the Western Cape. The route headed East, started in Barrydale and finished in George. Over several days we chased countless mountain passes.

Tradouwpas was a gentle introduction.

Tradouwpas, Western Cape, South Africa.Tradouwpas, Western Cape, South Africa.

We crossed s...

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I left the UK on a motorcycle and I've now reached the southern tip of Africa! Here I am at Cape Agulhas. As well as the southern tip of Africa, this is start of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!

Before riding away, we ate some rusks. I'm a big fan of rusks! These ones...

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After four weeks in Cape Town, I was eager to hit the road again. Packing up my panniers, which had undergone a hand wash, I was reunited with the certainty that something had definitely urinated on my soft panniers in Namibia.

Waves of nausea hit me as I lifted my panniers. It seemed to be more...

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Table Mountain dominates the scenery in Cape Town. It's large and has a flat top, known as the Table top. We decided to climb it!

Whilst in the taxi to Table Mountain, we could see the mountain's prominence as it towered above the city. Constantly in view, there was no escaping it!

The walk thr...

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Having ridden from the UK to South Africa along the West coast, I've joined Evan and Jaakko in sharing an airbnb flat for 4 weeks. A great opportunity to relax, do some maintenance and repairs on the motorcycle, and have some fun before embarking upon riding the East coast of Africa. Here's some of...

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Since leaving the UK about 10 months ago, I've not cut my hair. It's now the longest it's ever been!

It's been an interesting experiment to see what it looks like. Multiple people in West Africa laughed at me in the street. A frequent hale was "Jesus, Jesus"! I'm not deterred by this, but interest...