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· 2 min read

After a small tumble a few days before, Jaakko and I stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn for the obligatory photo!

Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn. Namibia.
Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn with @its_moodo! Namibia.

After a brief stopover in Keetmanshoop for Jaakko to kick his cold, we headed to Fish River Canyon. Passing Naute Dam, Jaakko...

· 4 min read

A cold but brief coastal ride from Hentie's Bay and I arrived in Swakopmund to meet Evan and Jaakko for a beer or two, braai, and motorcycle maintenance.

Evan and Jaakko showed me how to bleed my brakes. Straight forward to do, but new to me. I'm keen to learn everything required to maintain and s...

· 3 min read

Yesterday, I crossed the border into Benin. Easy crossing. Customs were very disinterested in my motorcycle; i.e., temporary import, carnet etc. The strange thing about yesterday was the aftermath of an accident that I passed. A small loader van was stationary in my lane, and a large crowd was gathe...

· 2 min read

The first thing I remember from today is being sat at the desk of a chief policeman in Senegal who was asking what happened to me. However, I don't know how I got there or what happened! The chief was on the phone to his commander who was apparently very concerned for me.

It seems that I was hit b...

· 3 min read

A few miles after leaving Terjit yesterday, I came off my motorcycle.

Went over a bump and noticed a pannier touched my leg from the bounce. Looked down at the left pannier then the right, looked up, and saw I was leaving the road at onto gravel and rocks. Motorcycle down. Man down. I think I wa...

· 4 min read

I've spent the passed 12 days in Rabat arranging and awaiting a parcel from the UK. Today was a long day but brought closure to what has felt like a saga. Apologies for the long post without pictures!

Over the passed 12 days, I have explored Rabat, met interesting and cool people, and completed ta...