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I blog roughly each week about my motorcycle travel around the world and generally what's going on. Sometimes it's about motorcycle riding, and other times it's about anything else that is happening. Sign up to the email list for notifications about new blog posts.

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Whilst staying with family in Harare, Jaakko and I went for a ride to explore the area. A good opportunity to make the most of riding without our luggage on the bikes.

We headed towards Domboshowa but were deterred by the expensive tourist rate. Riding further North, we found Cross Kopje, and...

On 05/09/18, I left the UK on a motorcycle to start a solo journey around the world. Without a shadow of a doubt, it's been the best decision I've ever made!

Lured in by my intrigue of Africa, it's the first stretch of the route. Whilst planning the trip, I noticed Africa seemed a less popular...

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Crossing back into South Africa from Eswatini, I rode to some tourist spots that would be my last for South Africa having stayed here for nearly two months.

First stop, Blyde River Canon. A nice view!

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.
Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.

A bit further South, I found a viewing point fo...

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I left the UK on a motorcycle and I've now reached the southern tip of Africa! Here I am at Cape Agulhas. As well as the southern tip of Africa, this is start of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!
Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!

Before riding away, we ate som...

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A cold but brief coastal ride from Hentie's Bay and I arrived in Swakopmund to meet Evan and Jaakko for a beer or two, braai, and motorcycle maintenance.

Evan and Jaakko showed me how to bleed my brakes. Straight forward to do, but new to me. I'm keen to learn everything required to maintain and s...

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After collecting my motorcycle in Soyo, I rode to Luanda. Hunting for a camp spot along the coast, I found a small overgrown track that opened into a huge area hidden from the road.

My chain was in need of a good clean, so I sprayed WD40 and lightly brushed off the grime, before applying chain...

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I departed Abengourou and headed South on a track to Bianouan. Most routes so far on my round the world journey have been roads but I love the challenge and exploration of tracks that cut through the bush.

With onset of fatigue and hunger, I stopped to refuel with barbeque plantain and water....

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After leaving Sedhiou, I stayed in Ziguinchor for two nights.

Me at the exit of Ziguinchor, Senegal.

The plan was to prepare for visa applications in the countries ahead and do my chores, such as washing my clothes.

Doing my chores! Washing clothes.

This is where I met Ron on a beautiful 30-year old BMW R80GS in good...

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My carnet is ready, so Dad has very kindly couriered this with other items to me in Rabat. This document allows me to import my vehicle without paying hefty deposits at borders. For the next few days I'll continue to live cheaply whilst resting and waiting for the parcel in Rabat.

My motorcycle...