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· 3 min read

A friend had given me contact details of a guy living on Lake Kariba who also rides. It just so happened that my planned route would run passed his house, so I called into say hello.

Keen to use my dirt tyre off-road, I left the tarmac just after Kalomo. The gravel road gradually deteriorated maki...

After arriving in Republic of Congo at Dolisie, I spent a few nights in Pointe-Noire and camped at a navy base. It was very laid back with the guys sitting around, watching TV, and drying fish in the sun.

A leaking tap had filled a large pool of water, which no one was using. Perfect for washin...

· 4 min read

Started the day with a hearty breakfast of rice with sauce. I'm terrible at remembering the names of food, but it was so tasty!

Rice and sauce, Quebo, Guinea-Bisau.

I met up with Alfonso, and we left Guinea-Bissau at Contabane (immigration, army, and customs posts) and headed for the border that was about 6 mil...

· 3 min read

Following the accident last weekend, I'm resting from riding to repair my motorcycle but also allow minor injuries to heal. I found a camping spot at a boat club on the coast of Dakar where I met several other travellers and we've had a blast!

Being on the coast is awesome and picturesque; h...