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Crossing back into South Africa from Eswatini, I rode to some tourist spots that would be my last for South Africa having stayed here for nearly two months.

First stop, Blyde River Canon. A nice view!

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.

A bit further South, I found a viewing point for God's Window. Standing on top of the cli...

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After a small tumble a few days before, Jaakko and I stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn for the obligatory photo!

Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn. Namibia.Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn with @its_moodo! Namibia.

After a brief stopover in Keetmanshoop for Jaakko to kick his cold, we headed to Fish River Canyon. Passing Naute Dam, Jaakko had pulled over and waved me down before a r...

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This was my view this morning just north of Tinghir. I camped at the bottom of a bank next to a dried up river.

A dry river bed somewhere near Tinghir, Morocco.

And, this was my bike as I tried to leave.

I dropped my CRF250L motorcycle in a dry river bed somewhere near Tinghir, Morocco.

The terrain was very challenging and got the better of me. I had removed heavy items to help me lift the bike.

Made new friends with...