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· 3 min read

Our hosts at the hippie compound were incredibly hospitable. We were continuously plied with food and beverages.

Like several places I've stayed at they source water from the ground. Not drinkable, but OK for cooking (boiling) and washing. Mr B even offered for his sister to wash our clothes!


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We said goodbye to the sisters at the nunnery and headed to The Gambian border.

En route, we stopped for a break on a river. I've forgotten where it was. Nice views, but there was a tremendous quantity of rubbish that had been dumped in piles and had not washed up onto the river.

Beach in Senegal en route to ferry at Foundiougne....

· 1 min read
My CRF250L motorcycle on the rolling hills near Calais, France.

I pulled up at the ferry terminal raring to go! Gave the person in the booth my details, and I wasn't on their system. Gulp. Turns out, I had pulled up at the DFS booth and not the P & O booth! They let me out the exit and I came back through the P & O booth.

I met some othe...