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I blog roughly each week about my motorcycle travel around the world and generally what's going on. Sometimes it's about motorcycle riding, and other times it's about anything else that is happening. Sign up to the email list for notifications about new blog posts.

· 3 min read

Riding along the motorway this morning, I noticed some clouds on the horizon. I had just donned my sunglasses and couldn't ascertain the level of threat. An apocalyptic fog rose from the horizon within the space of ten minutes. The sky turned from blue to grey and visibility was reduced to one hundr...

· 1 min read

On the road by 0900 today.

I passed a village with very traditional buildings that looked like it hadn't changed in years. In the distance, the hills were dotted with wind turbines and solar panels. The view was a stark difference between current and past times.

I rode a fantastic stretch of roa...

· 0 min read

Today, there was one road that brought back a great memory from my rider training. It was the first time I went out on a 600cc bike—a Hornet—and there was a specific road that I recall. The instructor asked me to give the throttle a squeeze within the speed limit. The acceleration felt quick as the...