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I blog roughly each week about my motorcycle travel around the world and generally what's going on. Sometimes it's about motorcycle riding, and other times it's about anything else that is happening. Sign up to the email list for notifications about new blog posts.

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I camped 1 Km from the city centre in Yaounde and it was surprisingly peaceful given its proximity to the city centre. The first evening, a storm moved in and battered my tent. I've got into the habit of not pegging the tent into the ground, which meant great flexibility in the structure permitted l...

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After packing up camp, I headed back into Ainsa. I was convinced I could smell the nearby pig farms in the town centre! The purpose of returning to Ainsa was to find a cheap place to stay online rather than just turning up to somewhere expensive. I also changed the GPS map to Spain. This proved to...

· 2 min read
Riding next to a lake along the NC500 in Scotland to prepare for my round the world (RTW) journey on a CRF250L motorcycle.

This post covers multiple days riding the North Coast 500 (NC500) as a shakedown for my round the world (RTW) journey.

Arriving early into Invereness, I couldn't wait any longer to start the NC500 route! A minor setback though—I had forgotten to load the route onto my GPS th...