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At the Malawi border, a computer problem at customs delayed my importation paperwork. The customs officer smiled at my offer of technical support and waved me into the office. Unfortunately, I couldn't help, but the problem seemed resolved when I was given my temporary import permit.

Many have rec...

Entering Mozambique was slow! Immigration allowed a queue for visas to build up until it was sufficiently large for them to process everyone in one batch. A two-hour wait. Biding time, I got talking to a South African and he asked me to write my website URL in the back of his passport!

Riding in...

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I said goodbye and left the hostel today. Pleased to be back on the road after so long!

Guy in service station started chatting to me and said I am welcome in Morocco! Super friendly :)

I headed south towards Lake Aguelmam Azegza, near Khenifra, where I had planned to camp. The landscape was...