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· 5 min read

The previous night, I stayed with a gentlemen called Hamza in Accra. Hamza lives in the Nima town of Greater Accra. Some have described Nima as the second scariest town in Ghana. Nima is only a few miles from wealthy areas of Accra, which is a stark difference to Nima.

After parking up, drop...

· 3 min read

I arrived at a campground on the edge of Bissau and immediately had a wash! The aim for Bissau was to acquire a visa for the next country, Guinea. It was a Friday and the Guinea consular closes mid afternoon, so I decided to stay here over the weekend.

The campground mostly has rooms, but they'v...

· 3 min read

After a night of wild camping where we were supposed to be stealth, we woke up to multiple people tending their cattle who said hello. They were friendly and OK with our presence, but so much for being stealth!

The Gambia's vegetation is more luscious than previous countries on my route through...

· 2 min read

Liver and pasta with spicy sauce in a baguette for breakfast. Very spicy and so tasty!

Filled up with petrol in Banjul, and got chatting to the lady who served me, Haddy. She wanted to marry, and made two things clear. First, she wanted to go to the UK, so asked if she had a motorcycle... she did...