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After crossing the border to Rwanda, I withdrew cash from an ATM, and a group of 15-20 people swarmed me whilst getting back on my motorcycle. Very friendly and they spoke some English. They were just curious and wanted to say hi!

I rode through the capital Kigala, which was fascinating to see...

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I rode to Nouakchott to change money before heading into Senegal the following day. Lots of hustle and bustle in Nouakchott compared to Atar. I quickly found the area with multiple banks in close vicinity. None appeared to change money, which was different to Morocco and Western Sahara. Lots of peop...

· 3 min read

Seeing multiple groups of camels each day now.

Four camels in Western Sahara.
Multiple camels in Western Sahara.

On the coast, there are fisherman in huts and others in shanty houses.

Fisherman houses in Western Sahara.
Fisherman houses in Western Sahara.

Dakhla is the last major city before I enter Mauritania in two days. My main task w...