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One of the many great things about riding around the world on a motorcycle is meeting people. Multiple people recommended a place to stay on the North coast of Tanzania because the resort was run by a biker. Turns out he is also called Steve! Their place at Fish Eagle Point is beautiful, and you...

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We crossed the border into Lesotho, which was another pleasant and easy crossing.

Lesotho is very mountainous and at a much higher elevation than South Africa. It's much colder here!

Upon arriving, we didn't see anywhere to stay for many miles. Jaakko and I almost rode passed the first accommo...

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We'd had a tip off from Devin at Woodstock Moto Co for good riding through mountain passes in the Western Cape. The route headed East, started in Barrydale and finished in George. Over several days we chased countless mountain passes.

Tradouwpas was a gentle introduction.

Tradouwpas, Western Cape, South Africa....

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Table Mountain dominates the scenery in Cape Town. It's large and has a flat top, known as the Table top. We decided to climb it!

Whilst in the taxi to Table Mountain, we could see the mountain's prominence as it towered above the city. Constantly in view, there was no escaping it!

The walk thr...

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Leaving Lomé, I headed North in Togo towards Kpalimé. I rode for two hours straight and felt shattered. A large tree provided shade whilst I devoured an orange. I was on the edge of a village, which I hadn't realised, and opposite a house. A lad called Elyabim crossed the road to invite me to...

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Only slept a few hours last night as the wind against the tent was noisy. Woke up to discover fine sand had penetrated the fly net of my tent.

Sand blew into my tent and covered me and my gear in Morocco.

I rode through Foum Zguid into the Anti-Atlas. The lines of rock coming out of the ground were very striking.

A line of rock in the Anti-Atlas mountains, Morocco....

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It rained on and off this morning. I was super cautious because of my recent roundabout incident. The water made the dirt cling to my black boots and trousers.

Dirty and wet motorcycle boots and trousers whilst riding the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

I was so dirty that whilst entering a supermarket, the lady cleaning the floor at the entrance kindly suggested I...

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I slept in today because my camping spot was very well hidden so I felt happy doing so. This was well needed! As I left today, the grass was about a foot long and the ground was very uneven. I dropped the bike twice just covering a short distance. My choice of a small bike (~150 Kg) rather than the...

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Riding next to a lake along the NC500 in Scotland to prepare for my round the world (RTW) journey on a CRF250L motorcycle.

This post covers multiple days riding the North Coast 500 (NC500) as a shakedown for my round the world (RTW) journey.

Arriving early into Invereness, I couldn't wait any longer to start the NC500 route! A minor setback though—I had forgotten to load the route onto my GPS th...