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· 2 min read

I left Loiyangalani and hoped that Ratty would be OK.

Stephen Matthews next to his Honda CRF250L near Loiyangalani, Kenya.

The route to North Horr was good fun but challenging in places. It wasn't the sand that caught me out, which I was expecting—I soon found myself riding on wet clay/mud. I slowed down and the rear wheel slid sideways...

· 4 min read

Over the passed few weeks, I'd fixed my clutch and I'd reached the Republic of Congo border three days before my visa expires.

My rear tyre had little tread left and I'd heard the route into Republic of Congo could be very muddy. So, I changed my rear tyre in Lambéréne to the one that had be...

· 3 min read

I'd heard of a fantastic place to camp on the RN3 with views into Lopé National Park, so I went on a foray to find it. En route to the start of RN3, I was in need of a cheap place to stay so I could wash properly. My first find in Ndjolé was way too expensive; however, they suggested trying the...

· 4 min read

After crossing the border into Gabon, the roads swerve through the forest and it's a very scenic route. Thrilling and good fun; however, I had an insatiable thirst for something more adventurous! I joined the RN5 at Bibasse (South of Oyem) heading to Kougouleu.

Slow progress for the first 15...