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· 2 min read

I left Loiyangalani and hoped that Ratty would be OK.

Stephen Matthews next to his Honda CRF250L near Loiyangalani, Kenya.

The route to North Horr was good fun but challenging in places. It wasn't the sand that caught me out, which I was expecting—I soon found myself riding on wet clay/mud. I slowed down and the rear wheel slid sideways...

· 3 min read

My experience in Rwanda and Uganda has involved lots of rain! Apparently, the weather is unusual for this time of year. Unfortunately, I have not spent much time in Rwanda because I have whizzed through to avoid the rain. I did enjoy some riding though, so here's a video taken whilst riding in Ugand...

· 1 min read

After a straight-forward crossing into Uganda, I was in.

Stopping in Kisoro, I abandoned the 15-strong queue at the ATM to avoid overheating in my waterproof liners since I was under direct sunlight.

Instead, I purchased a SIM card. This is where I met Emmanuel. We got chatting, and he invit...

· 2 min read

After crossing the border to Rwanda, I withdrew cash from an ATM, and a group of 15-20 people swarmed me whilst getting back on my motorcycle. Very friendly and they spoke some English. They were just curious and wanted to say hi!

I rode through the capital Kigala, which was fascinating to see...

· 3 min read

I've been a bit quiet recently, so just checking in! Finding noteworthy and interesting content feels like a challenge sometimes.

Crossing the border into Tanzania was a breeze. No issues!

The luscious landscape was a good indicator that the climate has changed after the border. Within a few hou...

· 0 min read

I left the UK on a motorcycle and I've now reached the southern tip of Africa! Here I am at Cape Agulhas. As well as the southern tip of Africa, this is start of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!
Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!

Before riding away, we ate som...

· 3 min read

I camped 1 Km from the city centre in Yaounde and it was surprisingly peaceful given its proximity to the city centre. The first evening, a storm moved in and battered my tent. I've got into the habit of not pegging the tent into the ground, which meant great flexibility in the structure permitted l...

· 2 min read

I travelled through the autonomous community of Andalucia to head into Jaén today. Every inch of Andalusia is covered with waves of olive trees. They are planted in lines, which makes sense, so it makes for interesting patterns on the hills!

I rode through Villanueva del Arzobispo this morni...