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I blog roughly each week about my motorcycle travel around the world and generally what's going on. Sometimes it's about motorcycle riding, and other times it's about anything else that is happening. Sign up to the email list for notifications about new blog posts.

· 2 min read

The visa for Guinea-Bissau, from Ziguinchor, took less than five minutes! Once collected, Ron and I rode together from Senegal into Guinea-Bissau, which was a straight-forward crossing without issue.

Whilst purchasing SIM cards in Sao Domingos, sweat was pouring from me onto the floor and paper...

· 3 min read

The wind was ferocious this morning. I was on a hill and getting the full force of it. It was a struggle to keep the bike upright with feet down and the engine not running. When there was what seemed to be a lull, I plucked up the courage to start my decent down the hillside. Wasn't too bad once t...