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Ethiopia is known for fuel shortages, so I was relieved to refuel at the border before leaving Kenya. It was a close call because a power cut during refuelling meant they had to start a generator to power the fuel pump!

In Mega, I walked through gates of a very cheap hotel to find groups of men...

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The morning after devouring snake for supper, I continued to the Gabon border to leave Cameroon. Getting stamped out of Cameroon was easy enough. However, entering Gabon at Woleu Ntem was entirely different.

The immigration police turned me away because I didn't have a hotel reservation despit...

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Having stayed with Leela in Frankadua, I was now back on the road! I left Frankadua and headed towards Ho, and straddled the Ghana-Togo border southwards to the Aflao border crossing. It was hot and I felt like I was melting in my riding gear when stationary or walking. Relief came from riding a...

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Approaching Conakry, there was a queue of stationary vehicles that were blocked by a fallen tree. Chainsaws were in action, but I couldn't see any road through the green barrier. Locals on motorcycles were scooting through a village to get around this, so I followed them over grass and tracks, which...

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I arrived at a campground on the edge of Bissau and immediately had a wash! The aim for Bissau was to acquire a visa for the next country, Guinea. It was a Friday and the Guinea consular closes mid afternoon, so I decided to stay here over the weekend.

The campground mostly has rooms, but they'v...

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I stayed two nights at the Zebra Bar near St Louis, Senegal. It's very close to the coast with a small strip of land protecting it from the sea. My objective was to rest, plan my route through Senegal, and revisit visa planning.

Following the motorcycle accident, I had been laid up in a countr...

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Arriving at the Mauritania-Morocco border at 0815, there were about 40 lorries queued with an equal number of cars and vans. Lots of liter buried in the sand.

Traffic queue at Western Sahara-Mauritania border.

I crept to the front of the queue by the main gates.

Front of traffic queue at Western Sahara-Mauritania land border.

A van was manouvering behind me and swiped my bike at a slow pace, which sent my...