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· 1 min read

There are Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and I visited one of those today—Victoria Falls. It's a very touristy area.

The water level was low, which can be seen in the photos and video below. A rainbow appeared with very vivid colours. The brightest I've ever seen. Probably because I was so cl...

· 0 min read

Crossing back into South Africa from Eswatini, I rode to some tourist spots that would be my last for South Africa having stayed here for nearly two months.

First stop, Blyde River Canon. A nice view!

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.
Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.

A bit further South, I found a viewing point fo...

· 5 min read

Whilst in Luanda, Bruno and Wolfram had very kindly helped me plan a route through Angola. They've travelled Angola extensively so they know the best places!

First stop was Kalandula Falls. The East side of the waterfall has a hotel with a fantastic view. The hotel was closed with some construc...

· 3 min read

Now that I was in Guinea after an epic crossing, the plan was to ride north to a waterfall that I'd heard about.

The route from Boke to Gaouol was unpaved and very rough in places. My speed was 10-15 mph in places but reaching 30 mph felt unsafe as potholes appeared out of nowhere. I was ast...