Blog: Motorcycle Travel Around the World

I blog roughly each week about my motorcycle travel around the world and generally what's going on. Sometimes it's about motorcycle riding, and other times it's about anything else that is happening. Sign up to the email list for notifications about new blog posts.

· 5 min read

After collecting my motorcycle in Soyo, I rode to Luanda. Hunting for a camp spot along the coast, I found a small overgrown track that opened into a huge area hidden from the road.

My chain was in need of a good clean, so I sprayed WD40 and lightly brushed off the grime, before applying chain...

· 2 min read

I departed Abengourou and headed South on a track to Bianouan. Most routes so far on my round the world journey have been roads but I love the challenge and exploration of tracks that cut through the bush.

With onset of fatigue and hunger, I stopped to refuel with barbeque plantain and water....