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Entering Mozambique was slow! Immigration allowed a queue for visas to build up until it was sufficiently large for them to process everyone in one batch. A two-hour wait. Biding time, I got talking to a South African and he asked me to write my website URL in the back of his passport!

Riding in...

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I camped 1 Km from the city centre in Yaounde and it was surprisingly peaceful given its proximity to the city centre. The first evening, a storm moved in and battered my tent. I've got into the habit of not pegging the tent into the ground, which meant great flexibility in the structure permitted l...

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After a fantastic experience in Nigeria, I crossed the Cameroon border. The formalities at the border were fine and I rested in the next town for a days, which was Banyo. From there, I rode to Tibati then headed South to the capital, Yaoundé. No petrol stations from Tibati until near Yaoundé,...

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This morning, I woke to the sound, with occasional vibration, of waves crashing against the land. Powerful yet very peaceful.

Rode the same track as yesterday back from Varela to Sao Domingos. It felt better than yesterday and I was less tense going through soft sand.

Today's plan was to vis...

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After leaving Sedhiou, I stayed in Ziguinchor for two nights.

Me at the exit of Ziguinchor, Senegal.

The plan was to prepare for visa applications in the countries ahead and do my chores, such as washing my clothes.

Doing my chores! Washing clothes.

This is where I met Ron on a beautiful 30-year old BMW R80GS in good...

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Our hosts at the hippie compound were incredibly hospitable. We were continuously plied with food and beverages.

Like several places I've stayed at they source water from the ground. Not drinkable, but OK for cooking (boiling) and washing. Mr B even offered for his sister to wash our clothes!


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We said goodbye to the sisters at the nunnery and headed to The Gambian border.

En route, we stopped for a break on a river. I've forgotten where it was. Nice views, but there was a tremendous quantity of rubbish that had been dumped in piles and had not washed up onto the river.

Beach in Senegal en route to ferry at Foundiougne....

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More fine sand blew through the mosquito net during the night. Found this beetle lurking under my top box!

A beetle underneath my top box on the sand.

Bought a SIM card yesterday, but the internet connection is very weak. Almost non-existent! Stood right next to [what I think is] a cell tower, but can't get internet.

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I stayed a few miles north of Gibraltar last night to explore Gibraltar this morning. I arrived at the border crossing at about 0830. It was busy and frantic with lots of bikes squeezing between gaps between cars and buses. All of a sudden, I noticed the motorcycle in front wave a passport at the po...