CRF250L maintenance and repair history

Here is the maintenance performed on my Honda CRF250L motorcycle.

Date Miles Location Description
22/09/2018 5,000 Seville, Spain Changed engine oil to Castrol Power1 4T 10W-40.
26/09/2018 5,744 El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a, Spain New Continental TKC80 90/90 and 120/90 tyres fitted by mechanic.
19/01/2019 11,500 Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire Changed engine oil using Motul v300. Replaced oil filter. Forgot to replace oil gasket.
10/02/2019 13,150 Frankadua, Ghana Changed UniFlow air filter and new spark plug.
12/02/2019 13,335 Lome, Togo New DID 520-VT2 chain installed by KTM Toni. Started using fuel system cleaner. Purchased TKC 140/80 rear tyre but not fitted yet.
15/02/2019 13,467 Togo Added more fuel system cleaner.
23/02/2019 13,936 Parakou, Benin Cleaned fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injector. Replaced subframe nuts and bolts that had worked loose.
18/04/2019 17,100 Libreville, Gabon Nitrojets (Libreville, Gabon) installed Pro Taper SE handle bars.
19/04/2019 17,100 Libreville, Gabon Replaced clutch friction plates with CBR250R plates CK1313. Replaced clutchsprings with Barnett 501-45-05050. Replaced clutch steel plates # 22321kyj902. Replaced clutch cover gasket 11394KYJ900. Changed oil using Repsol sport oil. Changed water coolant using Total garage coolant.
21/04/2019 17,200 Lamberene, Gabon Fitted 140/80 TKC80 rear tyre.
05/05/2019 18,099 Luanda, Angola Cleaned inside of fuel tank. Need a brush to remove all dirt inside tank. Cleaned pump and filter with carb cleaner. Used Bostik epoxy glue to seal the crack in reserve water coolant tank. Used Bostik epoxy glue to repair lid to air filter enclosure, but the glue prised apart a bit, so added layer of duct tape.
25/05/2019 Swakopmund, Namibia Bled front and rear brakes, and replaced with Motul brake fluid. Oiled chain with Motul oil (did not clean). Hosed bike with water to remove salt.
30/05/2019 Windhoek, Namibia Cleaned and oiled both air filters with Motorex oil. Cleaned fuel filter and pump. Identified leak in water radiator. Flushed radiator with distilled water, filled with coolant and Abro Stop Leak.
25/06/2019 22,635 Cape Town, South Africa New front tyre fitted and balanced. Motoz Tractionator Adventure 90/90-21. Axle and bolts greased.
28/06/2019 22,698 Cape Town, South Africa New rear tyre fitted and balanced. Rear axle greased. Mitas E-07 120/80-18. Axle greased. Oil replaced with Motul 7100 10W40 fully synthetic. Oil filter replaced with HiFlo. Oil filter gasket not changed.
01/07/2019 22,698 Cape Town, South Africa Greased sidestand and break pedal.
09/07/2019 22,840 Cape Town, South Africa Measured valve clearance as: IN 0.15 mm right (0.18 did not fit) 0.18 mm left (0.20 did not fit) EX 0.25 mm left went in tight 0.25 mm right went in tight Timing cap and inspection cap required an impact driver to loosen them.
10/07/2019 22,862 Cape Town, South Africa Changed front and rear brake pads to SBS 859 SI (front) and SBS 915 SI (rear). One of the pistons in front brake caliper was seized and the previous brake pads (stock) had worn at an angle.
15/07/2019 Cape Town, South Africa Removed swingarm linkage, cleaned seals (without removal) and added more grease. Checked for play in steering column whilst bike on stand, and there was nothing.
16/07/2019 Cape Town, South Africa Aligned forks by loosening lower clamp pinch bolts and right axle pinch bolts, applying break, pumping forks, and tightening bolts.
17/07/2019 22,914 Cape Town, South Africa Installed Honda 14T front sprocket, PBR 222 40T rear sprocket, and RK GXW-520 chain.
28/07/2019 East London, South Africa Tightened throttle housing on bars, cleaned chain and started using PTFE lube.
06/08/2019 Durban, South Africa Drilled two holes for number plate. Added fuel system cleaner.
07/08/2019 South Africa Cleaned chain with parafin and lubed with PTFE. Topped up reserve water tank.
10/08/2019 25,991 Mbabane, Eswatini Tighted front engine mounting bolt by ~0.25 of a turn. Tightened loose seat screws and top two fuel screws that mount fiarings to fuel tank. Tightened top and bottom screws on number plate. Re-secured GPS mount to bars. Added few drips of PTFE oil in ignition switch (through key hole). Inspection of guglatech filter showed no dirt inside the sock. Inspection of reserve water tank level showed no water has been lost. Emptied crankcase breather, which had 0.5-1 cm.
12/08/2019 26,066 Mbabane, Eswatini Bled front brake with Castrol DOT4. Oiled brake lever. Removed hand guard plastic. Bent brake pedal and clutch pedal back into position.
16/08/2019 26,331 Sabie, South Africa Cleaned chain with parafin and lubed with Wynn's PTFE lube. Tried to tighten upper engine mounting bolt, and bolt turned 1/8 and couldn't tighten nut. 6-8 drops of oil on inside of bash plate.
17/08/2019 26,331 Sabie, South Africa Cleaned air filter and airbox, which were both very dirty. Installed spare air filter and cleaned the dirty one.
18/08/2019 26,331 Sabie, South Africa Lubed spare air filter with Belray oil.
29/08/2019 27,600 Changara, Mozambique Noticed rear shock has fluid on rod and chamber.
29/08/2019 27,864 Tete, Mozambique Changed oil to Motul 7100 (full synthetic). Oil sump plug had very little metal on it. Pannier rack bolt was loose.
05/09/2019 28,169 Harare, Zimbabwe Cleaned motorcycle with water and washing up liquid. Inspected rear shock and it looks like it's oil from the shock and not chain lube. Oil is very sticky. Tightened loose bolts on pannie rack. Grabbed rear wheel and no play in swingarm.
30/09/2019 28,274 Harare, Zimbabwe Rear shock seals replaced. They made space for showa shims and used show shims instead of YSS. Fitted rear shock tube cover, again, which I had removed since Cape Town, South Africa. Adjusted handle bars with Greg Stead. Added copper slip to bar riser bolts.
03/10/2019 28,540 Kariba Crocodile Farm, Zimbabwe Removed Mitas E07+ rear tyre and installed Bridgestone Battlecross X30 110/100-18. Rear inner tube has something loose rattling inside. Rear inner tube had a 2" line where it had double over. Applied copper grease to rear axle nut. Refuelled with Mr Funnel filter. Corrected right handguard by bending in a vice.
05/10/2019 28,717 Ume Crocodile Farm, Zimbabwe Repaired broken hose at top of radiator. Radiator is distorted and top is pushing against fuel tank. Added webbing to left fuel tank mount.
10/10/2019 29,048 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe No binded/frozen chain links. Chain aligned correctly. Chain slack adjusted from 40 to 25 mm. No damage to front brake hose other than top left on front. No damage to rear brake hose. A few mm of oil in crankcase breather. Tightened pannier rack bolts. Lost fuel tank breather hose. Removed air filter to find it was mostly dry and a little dirty. Cleaned air filter with soap bar and hot water, which worked very well. Installed spare air filter that was well oiled with Belray. Added more webbing to left fuel tank mount.
18/10/2019 29,517 Lusaka, Zambia Lense for right rear side repeater is missing.
22/10/2019 30,103 Lilongwe, Malawi Cleaned fuel tank, filter and pump. Filter was dirty. Lots of water inside tank. Engine felt slightly retarded, but it did run smoothly at 60 mph after an hour of riding.
28/10/2019 30,290 Nkhata Bay, Malawi Cleaned fuel tank, fuel pump, and fuel filter with paraffin. Soaking and squeezing the fuel filter with paraffin produced lots of dirty paraffin.
04/11/2019 30,430 Livingstonia, Malawi Applied Q bond in two attempts to repair leaking Keiga bladder.
07/11/2019 31,121 Songea, Tanzania Pannier pushed chain guard into chain. Damage to chain guard, so removed it. Right foam grip has a hole,so wrapped with duct tape. Tightened chain. Oiled chain. Rear sprocket wearing more than front sprocket.
25/11/2019 31,563 Mtwara, Tanzania Removed air filter, cleaned with bar soap (for clothes), and oiled with Bel-Ray. Installed spare, pre-oiled air filter. Tightened two fairing bolts. Small rusts spots on chain frombeing left out in rain for three days/nights. Oiled chain. Tried tightening top engine mounting bolt but it was very tight and wouldn't budge. I suspect fuel pump is close to failure or the system needs cleaning again. Left pannier rack is bent inwards towards rear tyre, thus, left pannier looks close to rear tyre. Radiator reserve was on minimum and radiator was full to the cap.
20/12/2019 32,000 Kimbiji, Tanzania Put Bridgestone Battlecross x30 on rear.
09/01/2020 32,051 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Cleaned fuel tank, filter, and pump with bleach and carb cleaner.
21/01/2020 33,267 Mwanza, Tanzania Replaced rear left repeater with transparent water bottle plastic and zip tie (thanks to Simon Attwell for the tip!). Adjusted chain slack. Oiled chain. Corrected bent brake pedal (from Zimbabwe). Tightened loose spokes on front wheel because the wheelwas creaking when doing tight U-turns. Tightened right pannier rack bolt (near rear of seat). Repaired guglatech filter by cutting off top 2 cm (contained two finger-sized holes) and jamming in fuel tank with zip tie.
03/02/2020 34,404 Kisumo, Kenya Tightened spokes. Adjusted chain tension (just under 1/4 of adjusment remains). Oiled chained.
06/02/2020 34,634 Nairobi, Kenya Replaced Motoz Tractionator Adventure front with Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 front (90/90-21 M/C 54Q TL). Replaced engine oil with Motul v300 (road) fully synthetic oil and replaced gasket and oil filter. Magentic drain plug had 1 mm of metal. Purchased new spare inner tube for rear.
08/02/2020 34,664 Nairobi, Kenya Started to use Total petrol treatment.
09/02/2020 34,734 Naruku, Kenya Adjusted spoke tension on front wheel.
10/02/2020 34,938 Malaral, Kenya Adjusted spoke tension on front wheel after hitting something hard today.
14/02/2020 35,294 Marsabit, Kenya Adjusted chain slack.
22/02/2020 35,991 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Cleaned air filter, which was dirty. Removed fibres from Guglatech filter from fuel tank and fuel filter. Slightly dirty fuel system but it was OK. Cleaned chain with petrol and lubricated.
19/03/2020 37,032 Khartoum, Sudan Drained fuel from tank. Started engine to drain fuel from system. Removed battery.