Guide: How to shave your head

As an experiment, I didn't cut my hair after leaving the UK and riding through West Africa down to South Africa. By the time I reached Cape Town I looked pretty wild! Here's a photo of me before and after the first time I shaved my head. I've written this guide to demonstrate how easy and cheap it is.

Before and after with scissors, single-blade disposable razor and shampoo.
Before (left) and after (right) shaving my head.

With advice from a mate—Evan, a fellow baldy—I learnt to shave my head on a tight budget. Initially, I was reading guides online that recommended fancy, expensive products. However, I shave my head using cheap, disposable razors and soap. Triple-blade disposable razors allow a smoother shaving action and snag less than double- and single-blade. As for soap, just the cheapest bar you can find for washing your body.

Here's the steps I follow that demonstrate the simplicity of shaving your head with basic and budget products.

  1. Cut any long hair as short as possible using scissors.
  2. Wash your head and hair. Warm water works well, but I've also done it with cold water.
  3. Lather your head with soap.
  4. Slowly cut hair with razor going with the direction of hair growth. I gently go over the same patch if I miss hair.
  5. Once the entire head is shaved, lather with soap again, and cut hairs with razor going against the direction of hair growth. This gets the head super smooth!

I'm an amateur so going slowly is crucial in preventing cuts. Good luck!