Review: Carburettor cleaners

Review Information
Name Carburettor cleaners
Price 10,000 TZS (purchased in Tanzania and throughout Africa)
Duration 358 days (11 months, 23 days) since 28/02/2019—22,055 miles—not currently in use
Countries Ridden benin nigeria cameroon gabon republic-of-congo angola democratic-republic-of-congo namibia south-africa lesotho eswatini mozambique zimbabwe zambia malawi tanzania rwanda uganda kenya

Experiences with dirty fuel in Africa meant I had to clean the fuel system with carburettor cleaner, which was readily available in local shops. This review documents which brands of carburettor cleaned worked best for me. Read my guide on how to clean a fuel system here.

Car Style Carb Cleaner

A Chinese brand that worked well. I spilt this on my hand and it caused a sensation of irritation and burning, which suggests it's strong stuff.


ABRO Carb & Choke Cleaner

An American brand that did not work well.


CarPlan Carb Air Intake Cleaner

A UK brand that removed some dirt.


La Cadeau Carb Cleaner

Removed some dirt.



Essential? Only if you know it's likely that you're in an area known for dirty fuel and you can't filter the fuel.

The most effective one that I found in Africa was Car Style, which is manufactured in China, because it removed more dirt and easily too.